Promville | Beautiville


Promville was born in 2013, what used to be Beautiville's Prom Dress Drive and Prom Dress Giveaway events. Founder, Scarlett Godinez-Dumadag, had a purposeful passion in life to donate the gift she has using her skills, talents and resources. 

Through her personal experiences, coming from a financially disadvantaged home and growing up with a single parent, it was very challenging to cover cost for prom, so she took on the role of prom chairperson at Farrington High School during her Junior and Senior Year.

She believed that attending prom was an important milestone in child's life. When she opened Beautiville Spa & Cafe in 2010, she decided to live her dream and help other girls in similar situations by creating these events and experiences to giveback to the community.

"The beauty of these events is the gift of giving that just goes in circles," she explained. "The girls who received dresses are grateful, then they either save their dress for another girl afterward or save up for a dress to donate. This is the focus: to encourage charitable giving, promote inner beauty and bring out their self confidence." 

Despite Beautiville closing their doors in 2018, she sees the real significance of these events is the hope that teenagers they help will pay it forward and inspire youth to giveback to the community.  Generous sponsors, donors and volunteers helps keep this program alive today.